Translated Speech of

His Eminence Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan
Shaikh Silsilah Naqshbandiah Owaisiah


I vividly remember that when Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, and their regime was duly recognized by Pakistan, it was for the first time that the Afghans were persuaded to surrender their arms. An exemplary peace was established after years of anarchy and unrest. Is it not extra ordinary that it was achieved without firing a single bullet! Although Taliban were still preoccupied with Jihad and the country was in a state of war, yet miraculously all kinds of crimes vanished from their land. Most part of Afghanistan was under the control of Taliban who were led by Mulla Umar.

It is however important to bear in mind that some people in Pakistan have also called themselves as Taliban, or say this name was given to them, but the majority among them is of those criminals who would kill innocent people for money on the behest of foreign agencies. They are also responsible for acts of explosions. Even the Masajid are not safe from their despicable acts. So, I am not talking about these people, who are neither justified in their actions nor do I support them. Rather, our interior minister has dubbed them as "Zaliman" (aggressors) and cautioned that they must not be considered as "Taliban" (students). However, I am concerned with only those Taliban who are practicing Muslims, are upright and appreciate righteousness. They were and are fighters for the just cause and are still busy fighting against the foreign aggressors. They tried to govern Afghanistan in the light of "Khilafat-e Islamia" and chose Mulla Umar as its Khalifah (head of the state). The land of Afghanistan is witness to the model peace that Taliban were able to establish. The intellectuals are right, when they criticize that they could not establish institutions, but in doing so they forgot that the Taliban emerged on the horizon because of their belief in Jihad and were still involved in war of all sorts. But despite that, they were able to provide inimitable justice which led to peace, the likes of which are rarely seen. Governors and other members of the government were living the life of an ordinary citizen, and anybody at anytime could approach them. Later on, only Ahmed Shah Masood from the Punj Sher Valley continued to fight with them, otherwise peace had prevailed in the rest of the country. And then ... that tragic event occurred in America, which is known as 9/11. This unparalleled phenomenon proved to be so monumental that it turned the tide of time. Apparently, two aeroplanes burst into two buildings destroying them. But the after-effects of that catastrophe are still felt reverberating the world even today.

It is said that about five thousand people died in that grave incident but the whole world was pulled under its gravity and millions of people have been killed with impunity in different countries. There is little doubt that Afghanistan has suffered the most, but Pakistan’s loss is no less, and there still seems no sign of abating. May Allah protect us all! Anyhow a situation had arisen wherein the blame was squarely put on Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. Whether it was right or wrong is a separate issue, but as a result, America asked the Afghan Government to hand over Osama Bin Laden to them, who was living in Afghanistan at that time. The Afghan Government argued that the demand was not justified merely on the basis of allegations. Yes. if a tangible proof against him was provided to them, they would certainly hand him over to the Americans. It infuriated America. Arrogant of their super power status they could not believe that a poor country like Afghanistan would dare ask for a proof. They rather expected that their orders should have been obeyed without any questions asked. This was what was at the surface of the matter. But the fact that lay hidden beneath was entirely different, which in my opinion was something like this:

   That if the Taliban continued to govern the way they were, then the whole world would eventually accept them. Perhaps even the Americans, as a nation, may also be influenced and begin to convert to Islam, which will make it a dominant force. And that would mean the beginning of the end of their culture. I have myself heard the American President Bush say on the television,  “...they were going to finish our culture around the globe.” This was the core issue at the heart of the matter, which our intellectuals have yet to comprehend. Anyway, the situation kept on worsening as the American pressure mounted. America also convinced other nations to its point of view, while Afghanistan remained focused on its principle stand. Meanwhile, the circumstances continued to deteriorate until America attacked Afghanistan. My opinion even at that time was that the ghost of Al-Qaeda was the brainchild of America, since this name was never heard before. The American Government and Jews collaborated to plan the insidious 9/11 event, so that a reason could be created to attack Afghanistan. A lot has been said and written even in America on this topic as well as on the war between America and Iraq. I also happen to get hold of two or tree copies of these books. In any case America attacked Afghanistan along with the armies of some 38 countries. This was no small matter. If one cares to think, the enormity of the incident would dawn on them. It was a moment of such magnitude that the ensuing ‘shock-waves’ had literally disturbed the balance of the whole world... and they still do. Its consequences are still felt even after ten or eleven years. High-flying modern American aeroplanes were dropping bombs on the soil of Afghanistan. At that time an American television team had visited me to know my views about the 9/11. I said the same thing to them that I am saying today. I remember that the American interviewer turned red, on which I asked him if he was a Jew, to which he replied he was not but that he was an American at least. I offered him some sweets so as to cool him down and sweeten his feelings and packed the remaining candies for him to take for his team-mates. He also asked me, what would happen when soon the Afghan government would fall and the American army would occupy Afghanistan. I said the war will begin only then. America is bombarding from the air today, but to ‘occupy Afghanistan, they will have to fight on the ground. When that happens, then the real war will begin.

Despite all this, how I had wished that Mulla Umar could have been a little diplomatic in his approach, in order to avoid a direct confrontation of this small poor Islamic state with the world of non-believers. But what can you say of the deep faith of this man who said ‘if we live, it would be a life of righteousness, and if we die it would be in the way of Allah. In either case the blessings of Allah will be with us. ‘ Anyhow, the war erupted and the government of Afghanistan was toppled. America and its allies occupied the country and deployed a destructive net of weapons and fire on its soil. Decades before this, the ten years of the Russian occupation saw the life, property and honour of the Muslim Afghans trampled. And now once again it was at the mercy of the Americans.

Mulla Umar was a simple countryman even while living in the president house. He would sit on a floor mat sipping green tea and eating rusks for his breakfast. He would use a motorbike to go from one village to another. Our former president Musharraf use to cynically remark that Mulla Umar had fled from his country on a motorbike, but Mullah Umar and his motorbike is still in that country roaming around the same villages, while our president himself has fled from his country. whatever happened, it makes one wonder about the unshakable faith of this man in Allah, that ‘even if America attacks, I have Allah on my side because I am fighting in the defense of His Deen (religion) and in the footsteps of Prophet Mohammad S.A.W.S. Allah willing America will be defeated.’ Who would have believed at that time what this man was saying. They rather dismissed it as a frivolous claim of a crazy man. But today, after so many years not only America but also its 38 allies are facing defeat. And that humble, selfless, and Allah -fearing man seems destined to succeed. All of this seems extraordinary, a Divine Act, and a miracle of the Holy Prophet S.A.W.S. How else one can interpret the ultimate outcome of that war? By just mentioning these events in passing I wanted to say that the attack of America and its allied forces on the nascent government of Afghanistan was colossal event. The consequences of this event for once have changed the pages of history and its repercussions have been felt by the whole world. I do not wish to indulge in the discussion of who suffered what and how much. But everyone knows what destruction it caused. The world is still shaking with awe from its effects.

But just visualize how the “lord America” and its supporting countries are now preparing to leave, because one day they have to; but they are doing so without accomplishing their mission. They were squarely beaten and that down-to-earth villager who likes to travel on his motorbike is about to taste victory. Victor he is, by the grace of Allah, but some ends remain to be completed.

Now, in this background there appears a scenario:

The result of American attack and its ultimate defeat at the hands of a weaponless, faithful Muslim will prove to be catastrophe. Just imagine what would be the reaction of the world to this disaster and how far its consequences would be felt. it is my personal opinion that there will be a great revolution in the Indo-Pak sub-continent and those Asian states which were directly affected. As a result of this revolution there will be peace and justice. The blood of all the people who died in the cause of Allah and of other innocent people will colour the whole society. Only then peace, amity, and Islam would reign supreme, and InshaAllah its impact will be felt by the world community at large. Every thinking person should be able to see, according to his own vision a slightly hazy picture of the time to come. A memorable event is about to occur, as it surely will InshaAllah but it is perhaps beyond my power of writing to portray it. But one thing is certain that all kinds of excesses would be eliminated and honesty and justice will prevail. In my opinion, the world is at the edge of a momentous positive change. Please think and see, what kind of scenario does your mind develop.

Al-Murshid Nov. 2010