Translated Speech of

His Eminence Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan
Shaikh Silsilah Naqshbandiah Owaisiah


A huge system of Allah is working in this Universe, in which such ups and downs occur that are beyond human mind and out of the range of studies. He himself is the Lord and possessor of each and everything. He gives to anybody whatever He wants to give and deprives anybody from anything.

O Allah! You are the owner of country (land); can give the charge of government and State to anybody U want, and also can snatch it from anyone. Gives respect to those U want and provides disgrace to those U want. All goodness’s are in Your possession and You are able to do all things.

So, what’s the role of human being in all this matter? Where does man stands in all this scenario? For what, man would be questioned? About what, he would have to answer?  This is a very realistic question that after all what is in the hand of human being!


At one point, that besought/carefree (Allah) made this authority less (man), the authoritative. Other than this, man is not having any authority. He neither can take birth willingly, nor can die by his own choice. Neither gets well on his own, nor fells ill by his own choice. Neither can make looks of his own choice, nor can possess his desired face. Neither can have desired complexion, nor can buy mind and knowledge of choice from anywhere.

This all is the system managed by Allah Kareem and all things work according to that system.  But one thing and very strange thing is, that He (Allah) did not forcefully or naturally made man to accept His existence and value. He has left this decision on man; that either he accepts Allah, the most powerful or not!  Either he accepts Allah’s sovereignty or not. Even if he does not accepts, then also according to the system of Universe, he (man) would be given food (RIZQ), would be blessed with children and leads normal life.

But remember one thing, world is a part of Doomsday; a very weak, limited and small part. And Doomsday is linked with this part. If one don’t accepts this, then whatever the punishment he would be having after this world, also affects his life in this world. That is, he don’t gets content ness and remains worried. His life, though in populated areas seems, like the living of a dreadful one in forests.

But if one decides positively, starts believing in Allah & accepts Allah’s Greatness, have faith in truthness of Allah’s Prophet–P.B.U.H., accepts Allah’s book (Qur’an). Then, to believe means ‘TO OBEY’.


                   SAMI’NAA  WA  ATA’NAA  (Arabic)

Translation: ‘we listened and we obeyed’.


If someone only listens, but don’t acts accordingly, then it cannot be said an acceptance. The majority of theological leaders, except Imam Abu Haneefa (Rehmatullah alaihi), is united at the point that practice is actually faith.

Imam Abu Haneefa says: Oral acceptance is also the part of practice and it is also faith.

Such great valued people, like Imam Bukhari (rehmatullah alaihi) says that without practice and action, faith is not reliable.

Only Imam Abu Haneefa says that when one agrees orally, this is also involved in action, so one should be called as MOMIN.


How sensitive is man’s authority of taking decision, which snatches from him all other decisions of his life. A minor decision that O Allah! I admit U as my Lord. After this decision, there lefts no authority for man to decide anymore. Now man has to accept all those decisions, which are of Allah. So, in this way, this minor decision becomes a major one. The reward of this major decision is also very great and big. Allah has declared many decisions. At one side, he declares that I give honor to whom I want and provides disgrace to one , whom I want.  On the other side, He says, What Allah wants, how gives honor. To give honor is in my Hands and I have decided that honor is my right, as I am deserving. I am the sole-creator and in front of me, all other is my creation. And all the Grace is for the creator (Allah). The respect and Grace, which came in part of the creation, that is only for my Prophet–P.B.U.H. because Prophet–P.B.U.H. loves Allah the most. At third degree, comes the turn of those people who have belief in Me and My Prophet–P.B.U.H.

So in short, Allah has imposed the decision of Grace and disgrace. Whosoever would die in the non-believing state, for him there is no chance of forgiveness after his death. He is given the authority of decision for sorry and surrender in this world only. Till death, he is having the authority of decision.

But after his death, this right would be taken away and in whatever state of faith he would die, would remain in the same condition.


There is no strictness in taking decision that I start believing in Allah. No one can force anybody to say KALMA at gun-point. He is having the right to live. He is having full right to choose either faith or kufr (infidelity). His life, goods and respect are safe, but many other rights and orders changes.


When one accepts faith, then all duties impose on him. Duty (farz) becomes duty and Sunnah becomes Sunnah for him. Legal (halal) becomes legal and forbidden (haram) becomes forbidden. Likewise, the relations which Islamic Shariah(law) allows, become allowed.

This decision can be well understood by the example of Army in this world. The person who is not selected in Army is free from its obligation, but the one who is selected, will obey all orders of Army rules. He would sleep, wake-up, dress-up, eat, drink and move according to the teachings of Army. And for him, this is the compulsion to obey Army. If he makes mistake, then gets punished. Likewise, the MOMIN (believer) is also Allah’s soldier. He enters in Islam willingly, but once entered, he would have to adapt all the rules of Allah, afterwards.


Men are all alike, all are having a minor existence, having desire as well. All are having carnal desires because of the world’s beauty and admiration. Its lust has drowned the man. This world is also Allah’s creation and there are so many joys and attractions in this world.

So, in all these world affairs, there must be one force and one specialty for MOMIN, which can make him such mighty that he may gets stability in obedience to Allah. There must be some energy, some power, some thought for him, which may help him in hour of problems, wars and makes him stable in difficult tests.


Now-a-days, war is imposed on almost all Islamic world. The people/muslims are being killed there because of Army attacks.

Even in the areas, where Army war is not taking place, Muslims’ blood is being shed there as well. In short, target is Muslims; either by announced attacks or unannounced. The clouds of war are scattered almost all over the Islamic world and both the lives and goods are in danger.

Momin (believer) and non-believer both are made of same mud. They both are having same worries, same needs. So, which quality of momin should be there, which can help him in remaining stable on Islam and which do not leads to such state, like that of Bani-Israel, when they said to Hazrat Musa–A.S. that whatever the crisis we had before your arrival, are same even after your arrival. So we have no benefit with or without you. For this, Allah said that,

             ‘When you come in front of each other in a battle-zone, then remain firm, because Allah and His power is with you. You are not alone and remember, that to run away from the battle-zone does not suits you and do not even suits to God Almighty to help those, who runs away’.

Allah is all in all, so be firm and sticked. But how could we be confident that Allah is with us. How can we understand His existence in us. Orally, both (Muslim & non-muslim) have heard that Allah exists. But, non-muslim denied and Muslim accepted this reality.

Allah said: In any condition,

                        ‘WA ZIKRALLAHU KASEERA’

meaning by, ‘ Remember Allah Abundantly’

even u r in battle-zone or heads being cutted off, even fountain of blood is streaming or fire flames and iron is being rained.

This is the source of relation between you and Allah. This is the contact between man and his Lord.

The scholars and intellectuals of this world say the thought-provoking sayings and tell us sayings of wisdom, but cannot impose the real feel and impact of that wisdom on others. This is the difference in Prophets and intellectuals. Whatever a Prophet tells, is having a strong impression on the believer. They don’t only convey; but leaves impressions as well.


It was said in the sedition of Hadees denial that the duty of Prophet–P.B.U.H. was only to deliver the Qur’an ,,, now what is the need of His further explanation. Every era is having its own demands, so it (Qur’an) should be explained in light of those requirements.

But this is basically not at all true. Prophet is the only one who conveys Allah’s Verses and even provides entirely the true feel and meaning of the verse.

By embedding this in people’s conscience and perceptions, it was made clear that how Allah is ‘The One’. So that, they understand and feel that infact Allah is One. He is actually my Lord and feel that He is always with me, in any condition, at every place and time. He is nearer even from my SHEH-RUG (king vein). When we don’t feel such, then our character is the same as that of a non-believer, though orally we are believers. And when we start to feel such, a power comes.


It is being said:  WA ZIKRALLAHU KASEERA

                       And do remember Allah abundantly.


Say Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah numerously. This abundant remembrance of Allah will give such feelings, that you would start to feel the presence of Allah with you,,,,,,, to whom you can’t see, you would start believing in Him more than your vision. And such feelings and condition was transferred to Sahaba Ikram–R.A from one look of auspicious blessings of Hazoor Muhammad–S.A.W. That’s why they are superior to all MOMINS (believers) in faith, belief, piety, knowledge, good deeds, honesty and trust.

Any non-Sahabi cannot even reach to the foot dust of Sahabi, why?


Allah says that every particle of their being in existence became ZAKIR from their skin to the core of heart because of the glance of Muhammad–P.B.U.H. which Sahabiiz received and their every bit start doing Allah Allah. Meaning by, only their tongue didn’t use to say Allah Allah, but every bit of their existence, their sight, their hands, their feet, their skin, their flesh, bones, every drop of blood, thus every particle of body became ZAKIR. This abundant ZIKR provided them with such stable belief which made them successful in every field. They never staggered, when moat was being besieged. The Arab tribes overwhelmed at Madinah Munawwara. Madinah was the small village of about three thousand population. Now-a-days, the expansion of Masjid-e-Nabvi (S.A.W.) has covered the entire city and is big from the village of era of Muhammad–P.B.U.H. This is the thing of one’s own fortune, probably the time has taken so many sides that those streets, that earth, those sand particles, which were having the foot-prints of Muhammad–S.A.W and were having the dust of Sahaba’s (R.A) feet, now Allah has concealed all this from the eyes of today’s Muslim.

Although, Masjid’s floors have been marbled. Alhamdulillah, Masjid’s building is matchless. There would not be such place of worship of any religion, in the whole world. But this is also a fact that Allah has hided from our eyes those particles of sand, on which Feet Mubarik of Muhammad–P.B.U.H.  were placed and those parts of sand which kissed Sahaba’s feet, to which Ummah has kissed with eyes till now.


Probably, our hearts are vacant from ZIKR-ALLAH, our chests are strange from burning and even our sights have been evacuated from cleanliness and purity. This is because we have left Allah’s Zikr, we have forgotten Allah’s name. And this forgetness of His name has snatched from us the real spirit of Islam. Our prostrations (bowing down to Allah) have become fondless and prayers have become cheerless. Our fasts have been changed into starvation and we God forbid, came at the mercy of non-believers, after being deprived from the company of Allah.


Our scholar says that in Afghanistan, the Islamic state and Muslims were defeated and America had won.

Neither Islam nor Muslims were defeated. Those to whom Allah wanted to bless with martyrdom, were blessed with it. And those who were alive, they are still firm on Islam, still having belief in Allah.

So, who is at loss??? We are at loss, who are Muslims by name and to us Allah was blessing with the Islamic State, we were to be blessed with the Islamic rules, we could have got Islamic rule of state. They are at loss, who are clapping unitedly with America at its voice.

We were such unlucky, that we could not take benefit from the ready-made rule of religion and from the Islamic state which came in neighbours. We, who are clapping, actually faced defeat; in result of which Barahman, Banya (money-lenders) and world’s most coward nation says very confidently today that your end would be the same as that of Afghanistan’s. It is so strange that what value we remained? Today, hindu threats us!!!


But do we want to learn the lesson of remembering Allah from all this accident. So that our heart also accepts the evidence which we used to make orally. Let us teach our hearts Allah Allah, let’s make our whole existence to learn Allah Allah, inculcate Allah in our minds, let’s absorb Allah Allah in our veins, breathing and in every beat of heart. Probably, Allah may also bless us with His Blessings and it is no far from His perfect Divine, to entirely change the conditions.


As far as obvious conditions are concerned, if they are judged seriously, so whatever I understood is, that there would occur a war amongst Indians and Muslims and this war seems to be escapeless. This is a separate thing that it takes place today, after a month, after six months or after six years.


Our intellectuals, literates and poets who used to visit India, know it very well that India still don’t accepts the Frontier. Rather says that it is a line which has caused quarrel. ( them), All the riots would be finished with the vanishing of this line. And (infact) in this line, there are hidden sayings of Islam and infidelity (kufr). When this line would disappear, kufr (incredulity) would swarm all around. No one would question about the sects ( deo-bandi, shiah, sunni ). Muslim would be Muslim and non-muslim would be non-muslim and they both would be guided by one stick. Till the time this line is present, this country belongs to Muslims; though we are sinful, wrong-doers and though our rules are non-Islamic, but even then at least the rulers are Muslims, nation is Muslim as well due to this line.

This frontier, so-called line is infact the line of our lives, islamically. But if we become strange from Islam ( God forbid ), then there is no need of even any line.

Hindus want to erase this line; however we Muslims want to make it more expanded. Thus, this war would occur and the most suitable time which it is having now, would probably not be available after it. Because in it, there is benefit to other non-muslim countries and especially for the king of non-muslims (America) to reach the Himalaya heights to make their posts there. This war would definitely take place, and even I am not in doubt that blood of countless people would flow in it. Those who are having the light of faith would be blessed with martyrdom. But InshaAllah, success would be of Islam. Islamic state would establish not only in Kashmir and Pakistan, but in the whole Sub-continent, InshaAllah ul Aziz.

When those Ahadees of Muhammad–P.B.U.H. , which have been collected in ‘Kitab-ul-Jihad’ and ‘Bab-e-Ghazwat-ul-Hind’, are being descended in heart, then a picture of sub-continent is made, on which Islam will rule & would have Islamic joyous moments. Islam would flourish all over the world.


This very big power, to whom we call USA; our children would read it in history InshaAllah. It would not exist on earth and these states would be separated. The cracks and effects of this defeat would go so far, that they would have to be separated. But for whom, all this is. For him, who has belief and confidence in Allah’s superiority and for him whose heart is enlightened with the splendor of faith. For he, who knows in every condition that my Lord is always with me, very near to me. If we come in His shelter, then we can fight with all the troubles of the world because we are not alone. But if God forbid! We only pretend and our heart don’t accepts, then faith is the name of whole-heartedly acceptance with oral acceptance.

According to the obvious Shariah orders, oral acceptance declares Man a Muslim. But for that which come from Allah, acceptance of heart is compulsory. Allah knows all the heart affairs.


Muhammad-S.A.W. said;

‘For everything, there is a polish which makes that thing clean, shiny and makes that free of dust & rust. The polish of hearts is ZIKR-ALLAH; the name of Allah’.          


So my brother, the strength of repentance would also be easy, the company of Allah would be guaranteed; which would take us out from all the worries. If death would come, it would be of martyrdom and you would be embracing it. Life would be of obedience and living in it would provide joy.

But, for all this, condition is to adapt the prescription of ZIKR-ALLAH. And I think that if even at this hour of critical and seditious era, we don’t take Allah’s name, then it would be a great misfortune.

As Muhammad-P.B.U.H. said that bad deed is bad in every sense; but if an old person does it, then it is the worst, because he didn’t shun it even in the old age. Similarly, negligence from Allah’s zikr is always bad; but it is worst if we are ignorant even at this hour of difficulties.

Zikr is such a weapon with us due to which all of our weapons can be made effective. Our atomic power, cannon balls, guns, planes can be made effective only when our own heart becomes enlightened with His zikr. And God forbid, if our hearts would be empty from burning, and chests strange from softness; then all would be depending upon the resources, which are obviously more with the non-muslims and few with the Muslims. Even non-muslims are taking advantage of the talents and minds of Muslims. While Muslim countries cannot take it.

We brought one Dr. Abdul Qadeer back to Pakistan and thus became an atomic power. And millions other Abdul Qadeerz are serving other nations in other countries, to whom we could not have brought back. Even we cannot bring them back, cannot adjust them over here. Nobody gives service and place to them. No body lets them live here. Seduces them by taking their children and demands for ransom. Even robs their houses. Those people in the institutions, who are even not able, do not let them enter in the institutions. This is all because of the fact that we are strange from Allah’s Greatness and are unstable upon His Divinity, i.e. , not sure about Him that He would bless or not.

We want to snatch from here and there. We wish to become dictator by relying upon worldly powers. Look at our political leaders, they are becoming crazy. They used to give such confused statements, which altogether means that; u can disclose from us anything, only thrust us in power in any case.


Is it the proof of Islam? Does it proves the belief in Allah?


But my brother, another thing lacks in us, that we used to waste our time in criticizing others and we used to think very less of ourselves. Rather a man should calculate firstly his own position that where do I stand, how much strength I am having to remember Allah and in result of which how much power of obedience I am getting. The people who are with me & listens to me; from those to how much I have brought to Allah’s Zikr. And to how much extent I have made them fond of Allah’s nearness.


Remember this thing that only ‘goodness’ is not piety. To restrain anybody from sin is also goodness/piety & this is the biggest good deed. Every man cannot become ‘Baayazeed Bastaami’.

If some one used to do fifty sins per day, and you bring his graph to forty, then this is also a big deed. Though, he is still a sinner, but at least, came on forty sins from fifty. Allah would bring it to thirty from forty, then on twenty and finally he would come out of the hell of sins. His journey has started towards goodness from badness. No doubt, Allah is so Merciful.

An event of His Mercy is also quoted in Bukhari Shareef. Muhammad–P.B.U.H. said that there was a man from the early nations of Bani-Israel, whose entire life passed in committing murders and in terrorism. He was the murderer of ninety nine (99) people. Once he thought that I am in relief (having time) and after all one day, I also have to die, so I must ask some Islamic scholar that ‘Is there any place of refuge for me?’  ‘can I be saved by any way?’

So he went to some scholar (aalim) and told him that I want to repent of my sins, I want to remember Allah and I want to get safe from Allah’s anger and agony.  Maulana became angry that after killing ninety nine people, now you are wandering in search of refuge, how you can be saved from Allah’s anguish? Maulana also said that Allah says: ‘He who is the murderer of one man is infact the murderer of whole humanity, as he has murdered all my creation’….. You after murdering 99 people, are now trying to escape and is wishing for Heaven and Allah’s forgiveness. No one would be infernal and hellish like you.

He (murderer) was already of such temperament, he said that I have done already 99 murders, so why not to complete the century by killing this maulana as well. So he murdered maulana as well, and thus completed his century. He said that hell is my fortune in any case, so at least I have completed the century.

Even after killing maulana, still the thought of forgiveness continued to disturb him, made him worried. And he again went to some other pious man. After listening his case, the pious man said that ‘U fool!!! What do you think that your sins would make Allah weak!!! Would your mistakes limitize/confine Allah’s Mercy!!!

Whatever you have done, u should seek refuge back to Allah, confess your guilt in front of Allah and seek His forgiveness. And start doing Allah Allah.’

The pious man also gave him advice that you should not go back to the place where you live, because the surroundings of that place would drag/incline you again towards terrorism. You take my advice and go to that particular inhabited place, where people are pious and would help in making you firm and stable on Islam.

So, that man started walking towards that place. When he started to walk, Muhammad–P.B.U.H. says that his death came. He just went a few far, suddenly his death came. Time finished for his life. Now death is having its own manners. The angels who come to take away the pious people, belong to Heaven. And those angels who come to take away the bad people, belong to Hell.

Now, for taking away that man, both the teams of angels arrived. The angels of Heaven came to take him because he became repentant before dying , so he is worthy of Heaven. The other team of angels came to take him to hell.

Both the teams of angels prayed in front of Allah that O Allah! This matter has become a fight. It is your decision that which team would take him away. So, to whom you order, will take him away. Allah is so besought of all and is so Merciful. Allah said to His angels that this man, after quitting sins, had started walking towards goodness, so its better for both the teams to measure his travel distance of the land. If he died near the place of good people, then take him to Heaven. And if he died near the place of bad people, then take him to Hell.

And Muhammad–P.B.U.H. said that when angels started to measure, Allah ordered the Land ‘to shrink from the side of pious people’s place. Meaning by, Allah’s forgiveness for him was so obvious that He made a technical order to the angels, to measure the land. But, ordered the land simultaneously, to shrink, and let my man be saved from torture (of hell).


To stop the war or to start the war is neither in my authority, nor in yours. But to bring ourselves in Allah’s refuge is our authority. First of all, the war which is inside us, should be resolved. There is also a war inside us, a disturbance inside us, i.e. , I want that, I want this, I want to do this and that. Why don’t we do one thing, i.e. to do all that which Allah and Messenger of Allah has told us to do. And leave all of our decisions upon Allah’s book ( Qur’an ). Let us bring ourselves at this stage. Let’s win our inside wars first, then InshaAllah all the wars are no problem to win. Then death also becomes yummy and pleasant. Even life also gives joy and contentment.

And if God forbid! We failed in this war and remained in doubt, then either the world wins or fails, in both the cases, what would we gain or lose? We would already be at loss and failure. So this is the hour of judgment and time for taking decision.


Make your decisions. Bring your elders, relatives, friends towards abundant ZIKR of Allah. Try to earn food legally and try to protect yourself from the forbidden things. This is decided and final that falsehood has to be effaced. And conquest/mastery is of truth. Absurdity is basically made to be doomed. And truth basically was descended for remaining till end. Neither any new Prophet would come, nor any new Book would come. The same Prophet-hood, the same Book Qur’an would remain till the day of judgment.

These ‘removers’ of border-line are basically trying to remove the magistracy of this book Qur’an. And America was also having the big pain of this thing that if this Islamic state would remain, then it means that mastery of Islam would spread and would become dominant. And at last, would spread all over the world. So, it paid its right. The right of non-muslim was the try to sweep away Islam.


We are also having some responsibility, we should realize and understand our rights and duties. What would happen?

This is Allah’s decision that truth (HAQ) would rule and false-hood (absurdity) would vanish away.